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Mehmet Safak

Consultant with Aetat in Drammen

What is important for newly arrived immigrants to know about the job market in Norway?

It is important for immigrants to learn Norwegian. They must also learn how work in Norway functions and acquire an understanding of both the formal and informal rules. All employees must feel a sense of responsibility for their workplace. It is very important that immigrants get their own individual actions plans as quickly as possible. This plan must be realistic.

What does Aetat expect from immigrants?

Aetat expects immigrants to learn Norwegian and to have completed their ??Is this correct -is it not a reference to the introduction program??primary and secondary education. Immigrants, like everybody else in Norway, must say yes to offers of courses, work experience placements or jobs that Aetat offers them. It is difficult to get a job without experience and the right papers. We expect immigrants to be proactive.

What do immigrants expect from Aetat?

I think they expect Aetat to find them a job. Aetat can act as an important bridge builder between employers and employees and provide information about vacant jobs. The actual hiring is a matter between the two parties. Aetat has initiatives and can help jobseekers gain qualifications. Jobseekers must themselves go out and find a job.

Have you experienced any misunderstandings?

It has been my experience that some immigrants do not understand the importance of providing correct information about their qualifications and previous experience. Some do not take into consideration that this information is important when one is producing an action plan. Others like to give the impression that they are better qualified than they really are.

What are your hopes for the future?

Immigrants must be given a realistic picture of how things are here and helped to gain qualifications as soon as possible so that they can become self-sufficient.

I want as many immigrants as possible to get a job, and for it to be a job they are pleased with.

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