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Angling is fishing we do to enjoy ourselves in our spare time. Most anglers only fish for their own and their family’s table, and do not fish primarily to make money.

In Norway around half the adult population fish one or more times a year. By way of comparison, around 80% of children and youngsters do the same. It is safe to eat the fish we catch in rivers and the sea.

Before we go angling we must familiarise ourselves with the laws and rules that apply to angling. There are two different types of charges that we may have to pay before we can start fishing. These charges are the National Fishing Licence and the local fishing licence. These charges only apply to fishing in rivers, watercourses and lakes. Everybody can fish in the sea for free. You can read more about angling on the right.

National Fishing Licence

People over the age of 16 who want to fish in rivers and watercourses in which there is salmon have to buy a National Fishing Licence from the State. If we want to fish for salmon, sea trout or sea char in the sea we do not need to buy a National Fishing Licence if we are going to use a fishing rod. We do not have to buy a National Fishing Licence if we are going to fish for saltwater fish with a rod or hand line. Children and youngsters under the age of 16 do not have to buy a National Fishing Licence.

We can get special giros to pay for a National Fishing Licence from a post office or bank . We can also pay here. Do not forget to keep your receipt!

A National Fishing Licence can also be paid directly to:

The Directorate for Nature Management, 7485 Trondheim

Bank account number: 7694.05.02620

Write your signature on the receipt. It is now valid as a National Fishing Licence.

You can also buy a National Fishing Licence online.

Local fishing licence

The fishing rights to freshwater fish, crawfish, sea trout and sea char in rivers and watercourses belong to the landowner, in other words the person who owns the river. We have to buy a local fishing licence in order to fish here legally. Local fishing licences can be bought from landowners, sports shops, tourist information offices, camping sites, etc.

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