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Pregnancy leave and parental benefit

Parents who have been in paid work for at least 6 of the 10 months prior to the start of the benefit period, are entitled to leave from work with parental benefit in connection with the birth of a child and the period following this.

Parental benefit is usually equal to full pay, but is limited to 6G (G = the national insurance basic amount. From 1st May 2007, 1G = NOK 62,892).

Parental benefit is basically either paid for up to 44 weeks at full pay or up to 54 weeks at 80% of full pay.

Father’s quota

If both parents have earned the right to parental benefit, they can divide up the parental benefit period between themselves as they see fit, though with certain limitations. The father must take at least six weeks’ leave during the benefit period. These six weeks are called the father’s quota. If the father does not use the father’s quota, the parents loose the right to paid leave for these six weeks.

Time account scheme

Parents can also choose to take advantage of a time account scheme instead of receiving parental benefit for 44 or 54 weeks. This means that the parents can combine reduced working hours at work and leave with parental benefit for a longer period of time. The total amount of money one receives if one chooses to take advantage of a time account scheme is the same as if one chooses to receive parental benefits in the normal manner.

You can read more about pregnancy leave and parental benefit on NAV’s website.

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