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Cash benefits

Parents who have a child aged between 1 and 3 years old may be entitled to cash benefits from the state. In order to receive cash benefits the child must not have a state supported, fulltime nursery school place. If the child has a part-time place in such a nursery school, the family can receive partial cash benefits. The amount of time the child is allowed to spend in the nursery school determines the amount of cash benefits paid. It does not matter if the child spends less time at the nursery school than he or she is allowed to.

Cash benefits are paid out each month and the family does not have to pay tax on this money.

The general rule is that a child for whom one is applying for cash benefits must be resident in Norway. Cash benefits can also be paid for a child who lives in an EEA country other than Norway if, for example, one of the parents works in Norway.

Cash benefits can at the earliest be granted when a child reaches his or her 1st birthday, or from the month after a child stops attending the nursery school.

If a child for whom a family receives cash benefits takes up a fulltime or part-time place in a nursery school, the parents have a duty to notify their national insurance office.

The rates listed below applied from 1st January 2007:

Agreed time allocated per week in the nursery school:Cash benefits per month:
0 hoursNOK 3.303
1 – 8 hoursNOK 2.642
9 – 16 hoursNOK 1.982
17 – 24 hoursNOK 1.321
25 – 32 hoursNOK 661
33 hours or moreNOK 0

You can read more about cash benefits on NAV’s website.

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