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Home contents insurance

Home contents insurance is not obligatory, but it is a very good idea to have it. We should have home contents insurance regardless of whether we live in an owner-occupied home or rent a home.

Home contents insurance covers damage to furniture, radios, TVs, music systems, clothes and other things in the event of fire or water damage. The insurance also covers us in the event of theft from our home.

Taking out such insurance is our own responsibility. Home contents insurance applies for the entire household. When we buy home contents insurance we can ourselves decide the maximum limit of the insurance sum. If we choose a high maximum limit, the insurance premium will also be higher. However, setting too low a limit can be expensive if you are unlucky.

You should check the terms and conditions, and prices of various insurance companies before taking out home contents insurance.

Most companies provide a lot of information on their websites. For example you can check how much home contents insurance costs.

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