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Job applications

Employers receive many applications for vacant jobs. In many cases it is your application that determines whether or not you will be called in for an interview. In your application you briefly describe yourself and your background, and why you are the perfect person for the vacant job. It is important to think through what is so special about you in particular. What qualifications and qualities can you bring to the vacant job? It is okay to boast about yourself a bit when you write a job application, but it is also important to be honest.

The application should look nice and neat. It should preferably be written using a typewriter or a PC. The contents of the application must be correct. This applies to addresses and telephone numbers, as well as the information you provide about yourself and your experience. A lot of spelling mistakes do not look good in an application either.

There is a certain way of writing applications. You start by writing your own name and address in the top left-hand corner. Below this you write the name and address of the employer who you are applying to for a job. The place and date should be written on the right-hand of the page, to the right of the last line of the employer’s address.

The application should contain these points:

  • The job you are applying for
  • Where you heard about the vacant job
  • A brief description of yourself and what you are doing now
  • A brief description of your background
  • Why you are suitable for the job

Remember to sign the application with your full name. It is normal to enclose the following with an application:

  • a CV
  • copies of certificates
  • copies of references from previous jobs

A CV is a document in which you list your education, work experience, etc point by point.

See the example job application to the right.

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