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NAV’s main job is to help jobseekers find a job as quickly as possible. NAV facilitates active job hunting and provides personal follow-up and guidance. NAV also works to help jobseekers gain qualifications.

NAV possesses wide-ranging knowledge about the labour market in Norway. NAV works closely with employers, the authorities and organisations to prevent unemployment.


One of NAV’s most important tasks is to help jobseekers find work by acting as an intermediary. This means it provides jobseekers with information about specific jobs. You can find advertisements for vacant jobs on NAV’s website.

Gaining qualifications

Jobseekers who need help in order to get work can be offered job training and qualifications through various courses and other organised training.

NAV Intro

NAV Intro is a special unit in NAV that has particular responsibility for providing help and assistance to jobseekers with immigrant backgrounds. NAV Intro has offices in Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand and Trondheim. Applicants from other counties may also apply for assistance at NAV Intro. NAV Intro’s job is to work with NAV in every local authority in order to provide services to jobseekers with immigrant backgrounds.

NAV Intro can provide assistance with:

  • Guidance interviews
  • Language testing
  • Preparatory training
  • Various courses adapted for jobseekers with immigrant backgrounds

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