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Upper secondary education for adults

Adults have had a statutory right to upper secondary education since August 2000. This right applies to people who were born before 1978.

Adults who have a right to upper secondary education have a right to have their informal qualifications analysed and assessed. They will be offered school places on the basis of their informal qualifications.

Informal qualifications are made up of all the knowledge we have acquired through paid or unpaid work, courses, schooling, leisure activities and voluntary work.

The education must be flexible with respect to time, place, duration and progression. It must also be organised in such a way that adults who want to can combine the education with work, family life, and so on.

Informal qualifications can qualify people for abridged or individually adapted education.

The education should be free, though students must pay the costs of books and other educational materials themselves.

County councils are responsible for providing upper secondary education, personal guidance and individual education plans. Contact your county council for more information.

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