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Approval of foreign qualifications and vocational qualifications

Many immigrants who come to Norway have gained qualifications or work experience in another country. If you have gained qualifications in a country other than Norway, you should check whether your qualifications are recognised here. Only parts of your qualifications may be recognised meaning you may have to take some additional courses.

It is important to start the process of getting your qualifications recognised as soon as possible because the process often takes a long time. Several bodies are responsible for approving various types of qualifications, however NOKUT (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) can forward your papers to the correct body. All or parts of your qualifications may be recognised, and you can also complete your education in Norway if necessary.

You can read more about the approval of foreign qualifications on NOKUT’s website.

If you have experience from an occupation, you can apply for vocational testing. Vocational testing allows adults to demonstrate their skills and knowledge within one or more occupations or fields. Your background, qualifications, work experience, language skills and personal goals will all be analysed. People who want vocational testing must take both a theoretical test and a practical test in their field. Following the test you may receive an offer of training in those areas where you lack the knowledge to gain a craft certificate. You can also receive written documentation describing those fields in which you possess good knowledge.

Various rules apply when it comes to who pays for the assessment of informal qualifications and vocational testing. Contact your local authority, Aetat office, or national insurance office for more information.

Does vocational testing open up any opportunities for you?

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