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Topic 4 School, education and gaining qualifications

The Norwegian education system covers everything from nursery school to universities and university colleges. Primary and lower secondary education lasts for 10 years and is compulsory for everyone. Most children go to state schools; only about 2% of children go to private schools. Upper secondary school is not compulsory, however 95% of teenagers continue on to upper secondary education after their compulsory schooling. State schools in Norway are free, as are upper secondary schools, university colleges and universities as well.

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This website is a supplement to topic 4 in the textbook. Here you can read more about the following subjects:

  • Primary and lower secondary education
  • Primary and lower secondary education for adults
  • Universities and university colleges
  • Approval of foreign qualifications and vocational qualifications
  • The State Educational Loan Fund
  • Upper secondary education for adults
  • A brief history of education in Norway

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