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Norwegian language training: three different tracks

All Norwegian language training for adult immigrants follows a syllabus. This syllabus has been approved by the Storting. The syllabus stipulates the topics that have to be taught and the knowledge goals participants are supposed to attain. The main aim of the training is for the participants to learn Norwegian and acquire basic knowledge about Norwegian society.

The participants can follow the training along three different tracks, depending on their mother tongue and their previous education. Participants can switch from one track to another during the course of the training. The goal is to understand Norwegian, spoken and written, and to be able to speak and write Norwegian.

Track 1

This track is suitable for participants with little or no education. Some of the participants cannot read or write in their own mother tongue.

Track 2

This track is suitable for participants with some education.

Track 3

This track is suitable for participants with a lot of education. Many have higher qualifications.

After completing the training it is possible to sit an exam. Four exams have been prepared with varying degrees of difficulty: Norwegian exam 1, Norwegian exam 2, Norwegian exam 3, and Norwegian exam 4.

You can find the entire syllabus on VOX’s website.

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