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Introductory programme

On 1st September 2004, the Introductory Act came into force in Norway. This law stipulates that local authorities have a responsibility to improve immigrants’ chances of participating in the labour market and society.

The introductory programme’s goals for course participants are:

  • the acquisition of basic Norwegian language skills
  • the acquisition of a basic insight into Norwegian society
  • preparation to participate in the Norwegian labour market

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The law covers newly-arrived immigrants between the ages of 18 and 55 years old who need to gain basic qualifications. In order to be entitled to the introductory programme the immigrant must have been granted asylum, arrived in the country as a resettlement refugee, or have been granted a residence permit for reasons of protection. People who have been granted family reunification with a refugee can in some circumstances be offered an introductory programme. Local authorities can choose to offer the introductory programme to all immigrants.

  • Immigrants are offered the introductory programme in the local authority in which they live.
  • The introductory programme normally lasts two years. It is possible to apply for an extended programme (of up to three years).
  • It is a fulltime programme. Participants get about five weeks holiday a year.
  • Participants are assigned a contact person (programme consultant) in their local authority. The programme consultant’s job is to provide advice and guidance for the duration of the introductory programme.
  • The contents of the introductory programme can include Norwegian language training, work experience placement in various workplaces and other activities.
  • Programme participants are paid for taking part in the programme. This money is called introductory support. The introductory support is the same throughout the country.

Introductory support has been fixed at 2G. G represents the national insurance basic amount. As of 1st May 2005, 1G = NOK 60,699. People aged between 18 and 25 years old receive 75% of the 2G introductory support. Introductory support is taxable.

You can read more about the “Act relating to introductory schemes and Norwegian language training for newly arrived immigrants (Introductory Act)” on the Directorate for Integration and Diversity’s website (IMDI).

You can read the entire act on Lovdata’s website.

Discuss the goals of the introductory programme.

Why do people between 18 and 25 years old only receive 75% of introductory support?

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