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The monarchy

The new Royal Family arriving in Norway.  ©ScanpixThe new Royal Family arriving in Norway. ©Scanpix

The Norwegian monarchy has roots that go back more than a thousand years in history. After the dissolution of the union in 1905, the Danish Prince Carl (born 1872) was elected King of Norway. He took the name Haakon VII. On 25th November 1905 he came to Norway together with his wife, Maud (born 1869) and their young son Alexander (born 1903) who was given the name Olav.

King Harald became king in 1991. ©Tor Richardsen/ScanpixKing Harald became king in 1991. ©Tor Richardsen/Scanpix
King Olav reigned from 1957 to 1991. ©Thorsrud/ScanpixKing Olav reigned from 1957 to 1991. ©Thorsrud/Scanpix

Crown Prince Olav was the first Norwegian heir to the throne since the Middle Ages who grew up in Norway. In 1929, he married his Swedish cousin, Princess Märtha. The Crown Prince and the Crown Princess had three children: Princess Ragnhild (born 1930), Princess Astrid (born 1932) and Prince Harald (born 1937).

King Haakon died in 1957 and his son became King Olav V. King Olav died in 1991. King Harald is now the king.

You can read more about the Royal House on their own website. Here you will also find many fine pictures.

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