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The government

The government usually consists of 18-19 cabinet ministers. Each cabinet minister runs his or her own ministry. The government is headed by the prime minister.

The political parties are eager to have a say in how Norway should be governed and most parties want to be part of the government. When several parties cooperate to form a government this is called a coalition. If, together, the parties in government have an overall majority in the Storting, this is called a majority government. If, together, the parties that work to form a government have fewer than half the members of the Storting, this is called a minority government.

The government’s job is, among other things, to propose new laws and changes to laws. Laws are passed by the Storting. The government’s job is to ensure that the resolutions passed by the Storting are implemented. The government also produces a proposed national budget.

Parties which are represented in the Storting, but are not members of the government are in opposition. They attempt to influence the government in order to get their agendas implemented.

Discuss the government we have in Norway today. Is it a coalition government or a single party government? Is it a majority government or a minority government? Which parties sit in the government? How many ministers are women and how many are men? Which ministries do they run?

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