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The Storting

©Bård Løken/Samfoto©Bård Løken/Samfoto

The Storting, the Norwegian parliament, is the supreme authority in Norway. 169 representatives of various political parties sit in the Storting. The representatives are elected by the people for four years at a time.

The Storting’s most important tasks are:

  • passing new laws and changing old laws
  • passing the national budget
  • supervising the work of the government and public administration
  • discussing political issues and major projects

©Jarl Fr. Erichsen/Scanpix©Jarl Fr. Erichsen/Scanpix

The Storting’s debates are open. Anyone who wants to can be present during the debates. Only members of parliament may speak during debates. The debates are moderated by the President of the Storting. The members are seated in the chamber according to which county they represent.

You can ask members of the Storting questions via email. You can find all of the members’ email addresses and more information about the Storting on the Storting’s website.

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