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Chemists and products available from chemists

Norwegian chemist’s shops are privately owned. Many chemists belong to a chain of chemists. Chemists employ pharmacists and other people trained in medicine and the use of medicine. People who work in a chemist’s can help us find the right medicines and other things we need. They can give good advice on the treatment of minor problems and preventative medicine.

At a chemist’s you can buy medicines, vitamins, various creams, contraceptives, pregnancy tests, various things to treat cuts, wounds and sores, hygiene articles, and toiletries.

Some of the products available from a chemist’s can also be bought from grocery shops and petrol stations. One example of these is common painkillers.

We should keep some of the products available from a chemist’s at home. Here are a few of these products:

  • plasters
  • disinfectants for cleaning cuts, wounds and sores
  • common painkillers
  • sterile compresses

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